Forms We Need You To Fill Out

Printing Services Work Order Form

If you have an order to be printed, please fill out the Printing Services Work Order Form that best fits your needs. Options for sending order to Printing Services:

  1. Email the work order to, along with your PDF file. **PLEASE NOTE: (IF you have a PDF file – You can send an email without a work order and include your information about your order.  Use the Work Order as a Guide for the information we may need.)
  2. Bring Work Order Form to Barnett Hall, Rm 1214 with your PDF file.

Printing Services Work Order (PDF)

  • USE ONLY for Orders To Be Charged To A Department/Foundation.  Use this Work Order if you are needing Printing Services for such things as Flyers, Letterhead, Envelopes, Notecards, Saddlestitch, Stapling, Spiral Binding, & more.


Printing Services Work Order-POSTERS (PDF) 

  • – USE ONLY for CASH & Organization/ Group Orders.  You can use this work order if you have a Poster(s) for Individual Cash orders or Organization/Group orders.  You can use this form also if you are needing to order Paper – White or Colored.

Course Pack Forms for Professors:

If you are a Professor and would like to have a Course Pack continued with no revisions from a previous semester then you have a few options:

  • Call our office at 785-4161 (however, be advised we may need to update some forms).
  • Email us at with completed required forms (see below for necessary forms)
  • Stop by our office & we will fill out Course Pack Work Order Form with you.

If you are making revisions to your Course Pack or you are creating a NEW Course Pack, options are:

  • Provide us the materials & bring to our office.
  • Send to us digitally, in a PDF format, to, along with completed required forms (see below for required forms).
  • If necessary, we can make copies from books you provide to us.

Required Forms:

Course Pack Work Order Form (PDF)

The Course Pack Work Order form needs to be completed and brought/sent to our office for all Course Packs.  Click on this link if you need a few tips for filling out the form: Tips for Filling Out Course Pack Work Order From

If you have questions on the Course Pack Work Order, please contact us.


ONLY Fill Out One Of The Forms Below – (See descriptions)

Faculty Verification Statement (PDF)

Faculty Verification Statement – We will have you sign/update this form if NO Copyright Clearance is needed on a yearly basis.

Academic Permissions (PDF)

The Academic Permissions form will need to be filled out for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Copyright Clearance** for us to obtain permission
  • If you are creating a new Course Pack
  • If you are adding any “new” material to a previous Course Pack.

**REGARDING Copyright Clearance:  Please remember Copyright Clearances can sometimes take 4-8+ weeks.  We will do our best in helping get your course pack in the Bookstore for the start of the semester, depending upon the time you contact our office. 

We must seek Copyright Permission each semester, no matter how many years you have been using the same Copyright materials.

If you obtain permission on your own, please provide us a copy of the permission to keep in our records.

If your permission requires payment, we handle that also because the permission fees go into the cost of the course pack.  If you have questions about the detailed cost of the course pack, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to give you information about the costs.

If you would like information for preparing a Course Pack, click here:
Suggestions For Course Pack Development

Have questions?
Please call us at (660) 785-4161  OR