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We are here to assist you in a number of ways:

  • We print numerous items such as business cards to four-color posters, brochures, newsletters, booklets, letterhead, envelopes and carbon-less forms, just to name a few.


  • High-speed LASER color copier is used to produce items quickly and inexpensively.  Most of the color posters around campus are printed with our Laser copier.  We use a computer program that we call the “Fiery”.   A PDF file from the Gmail has to get transferred to the Fiery to communicate with the copier, however the Fiery can help with such things as alignment to page with front/back designs before being sent to the copier. 


  • Printing Services also has an 8100 Black & White copier.  This copier can help save on cost by utilizing color paper & black ink printing for an example.  We also print lots of coursepackets for the professors, which helps cost by printing front/back.  This copier can also 3-hole punch or staple during the printing process.


  • We also have an INKJET large format color imaging system that is capable of producing precise technical drawings, graphic posters, and retail signage at high speeds. The main 2 rolls we utilize at this time is 24″ or the 44″.  We also have ADHESIVE-back paper NOW!!  The width we use is 36″ or 42″. 


  • Bindery services are also available such as spiral binding, 3-hole, folding, stapling and trimming.


  • We sell paper in assorted types, sizes and colors. (See Paper Products)

If you have thought of it, we will try & help you achieve it!

Our main printing services are for Truman State University.  (We can print personal jobs for those associated with Truman, however there are stipulations, so please contact us.)

We are located on the Truman State University campus in Barnett Hall, Room 1214 (Barnett Hall is located west of Stokes Stadium, view map).

Barnett Hall